Personalised, Integrative Oncology and Cancer Care

Personalised, Integrative Oncology and Cancer Care

There is a growing sentiment among patients and their loved ones, calling for better outcomes in oncology care. Despite the trillions of dollars spent on cancer research an effective cure still eludes us.

To improve outcomes we must change the way we view disease and, in particular, how we approach the treatment of the complex, chronic diseases such as cancer.

The old paradigm of ‘recipe book oncology’ is clearly not working with the exception of a few cancers where it can be effective. This highlights the need for a new, more comprehensive, individualised approach.

A more effective approach looks at each diagnosis as a separate disease and aims to identify and understand the unique personality of that cancer, in combination with the patient’s unique biology/genetics.

Integrative oncology brings together experts in the fields of traditional mainstream medicine, complementary medicine and mind-body medicine to form a health care team dedicated to supporting you on your journey with cancer.

By truly understanding the patient and utilising advanced testing techniques to understand the unique personality of their cancer, integrative oncology is a more informed, comprehensive, multi-targeted and individualised approach to achieve the best possible outcome for patients.

It’s health care at it’s best.

A diagnosis of cancer is easily one of the most terrifying and overwhelming times of your life. The excess of information out there in “cyberspace” means it’s easy to get confused about what to do and what treatments will support you with your diagnosis, especially when you consult with “Dr Google”.

A common trap I see many patients make is to go in search of the “Magic Pill”. The one treatment, whether that be from medicine, complementary therapies, or the one practitioner, believing that single path holds the key to success for them.

It is an unwise move to place all your eggs into one basket. Does this mean you just do everything, or as much as you can to increase your odds? No it doesn’t, more doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Working with a team of professionals that are collaborating to form a comprehensive, individualised plan of action helps to “stack the odds” in your favour and helps to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

You likely never forget that feeling when you had the discussion with your GP or oncologist about your prognosis and they provided the statistics to you. That horrible dropping, gnawing, sick feeling… Followed by an empty numbness…

It is vitally important that you remember that those statistics are for the average Australian, doing the average Australian cancer journey which usually involves the less than optimal “standard Australian diet”, the standard Australian stress levels and the standard Australian medical and oncological care

If you want extra-ordinary results, then an extra-ordinary effort, with an extra-ordinary team of health professionals supporting you is required.

That’s what comprehensive, individualised, integrative oncological care is all about! It’s about helping you to create your own statistics. To not be “Average Joe”, and instead choose to be “Non-Average Joe”!

It’s about going above and beyond, not in a reckless fashion, but in a systematic, multi-targeted approach that gives you the best chance at the best health outcome.

I would be lying if I said this approach is easy. In all honesty, it’s complex. That’s why you surround yourself with a team of health professionals to support you.

I cannot stress any more strongly the risks of putting all your eggs into one basket by taking only single traditional treatment.

Cancer is an incredibly complex disease. To rely on only one treatment, whether that be chemotherapy, IV vitamin C, Maroon Bush Tea or any of the other multitudes of potential interventions, is essentially playing Russian roulette with your life.

A comprehensive, personalised integrative approach to your oncological care is the smartest move you will make towards getting the best health outcome possible.

By taking a multi-targeted approach to your diagnosis you are starting to stack the odds in your favour and create your own statistics.

These are some of the ways in which I help my patients take a comprehensive, multi-targeted, personalised approach:


  • Genomic testing for the immunophenotype of your cancer
  • Specific nutritional interventions
  • Personalised supplementation strategies
  • Off-label medicines
  • Advanced Bio-therapeutics
  • Chemo-sensitivity testing
  • Mind-body medicine support

Now that you have a greater understanding of comprehensive, personalised, integrative oncology you have a choice. Do you take this information and start to surround yourself with your healing team of expert health professionals and begin to stack the odds in your favour, or do you do nothing?

To begin working with me the next step is to make an initial integrative oncology consultation where we can begin the process of building your protocol.

From there, together we start your personalised, three stage journey.


  • Foundational diet and supplementation strategy.
  • Tumour profiling – genomic testing to understand in detail your unique tumour personality. This allow us to tailor a treatment to your specific cancer. At this stage we may introduce the use of certain off-label medications with shown benefits to improve outcomes for your specific cancer. All this is monitored by your integrative GP.
  • Advanced bio-therapeutics. Using this above information, we can then have prepared advanced therapies to complement your oncology care. These treatments may not be appropriate for your specific case. Each case is assessed and monitored by your integrative GP for suitability and safety.

To read more about my Personalised Integrative Oncological approach please click the following link to read my free eBook on the subject.

Ed Enever
[email protected]

Eddie is a highly experienced Perth naturopath, cancer and chronic disease coach, meditation and breath work teacher and founder of CSRT (Cold-Stress Resilience Training). To say Eddie has developed strength and resilience in his life is an understatement. Eddie is a three time cancer survivor, he’s also had his battles with anxiety and depression, he’s been through a marriage break up as well as financial demise, BUT, he got through it all, bounced back and recreated a successful business, a loving relationship with his kids, partner and him-self and has a successful career full of meaning and purpose. If you are struggling with your mental and emotional health, you’re feeling stuck in life, you know you can be a better version of yourself or are struggling with your physical health, Eddie is more than qualified to take you on the journey you need to tread. Eddie’s unique intuitive gifts combined with his life experience and years of coaching hundreds of clients in his role as a health professional, allows him to see past the facades to the true person underneath, with their own unique gifts, talents, power and blockages. Eddie has a special way of drawing this out and empowering individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to change their life.