Liposomal Nutrients – The Latest Big Thing

Liposomal Nutrients – The Latest Big Thing

Recently I attended an exciting yet grueling symposium on detoxification and gut health. I am greedy thus wanted to attend all lectures offered. Fortunately for me there was a stand offering liposomal vitamin B and glutathione. The B gave me energy and the glutathione was to keep my brain functioning and clear. I survived every day feeling energised and clear headed thanks to a 3 hourly 2 pumps of each liposomal nutrient.
A lot of people have trouble absorbing nutrients due to various issues in their gut. Liposomal nutrients are absorbed via the mucosa of the oral cavity directly into circulation. They then circulate via the blood stream to the cell membrane. Because they are so small and ‘lipophilic’ (attracted to fat) they are able to penetrate or gain access into the cell via the cell membranes.
The effect of liposomal nutrients for some substances, such as B12 can be felt instantly.
Liposomal nutrients have only recently been listed as an allowable therapeutic supplement in Australia. This is changing health outcomes for many patients who struggle to keep a pristine diet and thus gut.
Want more info on the science? Check this out

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