I learnt to meditate and it changed my life…

I learnt to meditate and it changed my life…

This month I learnt to meditate and let me tell you – it has literally changed the quality of my life. After dealing with Covid-19 and running a practice during lockdown, looking after my team and not getting enough time – like all of us – to rest and restore – I felt like I was becoming an automaton. I had lost my love of everything and was almost ready to walk away. Did you know, the divorce rate has skyrocketed during Covid? It seems like ‘walking away’ from perceived stressors has been on everyone’s mind.

What if the stress was actually just in our heads? What if it was all manufactured by an overloaded nervous system?  Now that I have learnt to meditate, I know the stress I was feeling was due to my nervous system stretching to the stressors at hand and that I was going to become really ill unless I took action. So take action I did.

Motivated by hanging out with our lovely Chiropractor – Lana. If you have ever met Lana you will know that it is obvious she meditates and I knew I wanted some of that.

The course started on a Friday for a 90-minute one-on-one session where I was given my mantra. Following this, I attended three group sessions to learn about Vedic meditation and discuss stress and its impact and also Lana’s experiences.

One of the motivating factors in prompting me to do the course was doing a brain ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate – a measure of energy production at cellular level) scan on a lymphoma patient after he had completed the course. Another lymphoma patient had gone into remission after learning to meditate. I had mentioned this to, let’s call him ‘John’. John decided to enrol in Lana’s course and I did a brain scan before and after the course. His frontal lobe (the part of the brain you want to be switched on if you want to be present – which is the only place we have fun), was totally switched down before the course. After completing the course he had a 50% improvement in ATP output in both lobes!

Vedic meditation is not like mindfulness or meditation you find on youtube. It is a DEEP IMMERSIVE practice with thousands of years of tradition. It is, however, a practice for the common man who still needs to ‘carry water and chop wood’. I now do 20 minutes twice a day and the quality of my enjoyment in life is improved tenfold.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Lana. The gift you have enabled in my life is profound and I have already received a return on my investment in time and money.
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