Spice Up Your Detox This Spring

Spice Up Your Detox This Spring

Spice up your detox with turmeric to support self-detoxification and deliver essential anti-inflammatory protection.

Self-detoxification is the process by which the body self-regulates in response to an endogenous (inside your body) or exogenous (outside your body) toxin. Herbs such as turmeric trigger this process via the active compound curcumin by activating the master detoxification enzyme, pregnane X receptor (PXR). 

PXR stimulates self-detoxification via nuclear factor kappa B (NFkB) a protein that controls among other things, inflammation. Turmeric thus has an important effect in down regulating pro-inflammatory enzymes; while other studies demonstrate a protective role via induction of CYP450 enzyme. This enzyme helps get rid of toxins via liver filtration or methylation. 

Curcumin, the active anti inflammatory compound in turmeric is difficult to absorb. 

BCM-95® turmeric stands apart from other forms of turmeric because it is a whole turmeric extract, standardised to contain therapeutic doses of curcuminoids. The benefits of BCM-95® can be attributed to this natural and synergistic combination of broad-spectrum curcuminoids, along with turmeric volatile oils. The retention of natural resins, essentials oils and other naturally occurring active metabolites greatly enhance its bioavailability by 700 %.5,6
Other turmeric supplements enhance absorption by incorporating lipid particles, mucous membrane irritants such as black pepper or via other processes. However, these technologies rely on the inclusion of a substantial proportion of excipients, thereby physically reducing the amount of curcuminoids able to be included in each tablet or capsule.
As a whole turmeric extract, BCM-95® contains 95% curcuminoids and oils (standardised 88% curcuminoids, 7% volatile oils), whilst other forms of turmeric contain only 12-20% curcuminoids.

That said, the higher proportion of active curcumin constituents (i.e. curcuminoids, essential oils and resins) contained in BCM-95® means increased therapeutic benefits for our patients.

Deborah Taylor
[email protected]