Is Your Mindset Blocking You From Achieving Your Health Goals?

Is Your Mindset Blocking You From Achieving Your Health Goals?

Pam Zakostelsky, naturopath, NLP practitioner and speaker in the wellbeing industry takes a closer look at how our head gets in the way of great health.

Often when we have health challenges what we notice is we feel the illness but don’t often know the cause. Once we know and understand the cause of why our body has begun to react to certain foods or show signs of illness or imbalance, the very next step is being able to see our health goal somewhere in the near future with great clarity and certainty.

In order to reach that goal we have to assess:

  • Exactly where we are right now?
  • What is the impact of this health challenge?
  • How is this affecting other areas of your life?
  • Is it affecting your productivity?
  • Is it affecting how much energy and fun I can fit in?
  • Is it disrupting my relationships?

Being healthy and well is a result of restoring vitality within the various systems. Sometimes the key that unlocks the door to this vitality is in our mind.

Why does life or routine or circumstance get in the way of choosing health?

This was the question that led me as a practitioner to begin understanding the neurological patterns that play a huge role in being able to achieve goals in any area of our life. So often I would see my clients stuck in a cycle where they stopped taking their nutritionals or started back on sugar and excess alcohol. This lead me to study neuro-linguistic programming or NLP, which is a methodology and technique that talks to our own subconscious which enables us to see what we already know and how we can harness the strength to move us towards a goal.

This important cog in the wheel of wellness and longevity has been one of the most powerful tools for achieving health and life goals for my clients. Sometimes I have clients who know they want something more for their life, it may be just a matter of connecting to a new career or maybe connecting to a new emotional behaviour that they know will change their current circumstances.

NLP enables me to partner with individuals to facilitate access to their own knowing and awareness and then help them take action that is congruent with this shift in awareness.

It is profound and life-changing for clients once they ‘get it’ or work out which thoughts are literally denying them the life they want. 

This NLP method is something I use as a naturopath with my clients in crisis and also as a part of a normal consultation. I work with many clients in this area and often will be asked by other practitioners to just provide this service which I call a ‘clarity’ session. As it does just that – reframes seemingly impossible to surmount mountains of self-doubt into mere sandcastles to be knocked out of our way so we can get on with the fun of life.

Clarity sessions are a journey into our own blueprint for making decisions whether it be in Health, life or career. Gaining clarity instead of feeling confused and disempowered, creates a huge shift in our health plan.

I offer free fifteen-minute scoping sessions in person or via telephone, zoom or skype to see if this process is a useful support to you in achieving your health outcomes.