6 Way To Remain Resilient In Times Of Uncertainty

6 Way To Remain Resilient In Times Of Uncertainty

Tips for remaining resilient in times of uncertainty.

1. Practice yoga daily.

During March – our first lockdown, I discovered a great routine on youtube that has really helped me get through the whole year. In just ten minutes, I change my whole perspective. In just ten minutes you can switch on to diaphragm breathing, move your consciousness to parasympathetic function and gain all the destressing, circulation and flexibility benefits of yoga. In fact research shows that 10 minutes a day is more beneficial than one hour a week.

Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoVzQHDZp-s&t=3s

2. Cold shower at the end of your normal shower.

At the end of my shower, I slowly turn the tap over to cold until no hot water is on. I then stick my head under the cold water and breath. Wim Hoff lost his wife to suicide and had to radically and quickly build resilience so that he could continue to be a role model for his bereaved children. He is now a world leader in building immunity and resilience through the benefits of cold water immersion therapy.

3. Take Magnesium 

Take magnesium throughout the day not in one big lot. Put 3 scoops or teaspoons into a litre of water and sip all day. This enables you to keep bringing the sympathetic nervous system down and massively reduces anxiety

4. Stop drinking alcohol.

It adds nothing to you and robs you of a healthy gut which you need to keep driving happy chemicals up to your brain. Find a drink you like instead. I have GMC (which is an apple flavoured magnesium drink) with half soda and half flat water on the rocks in a wine glass. This keeps my right hand doing the same as everyone else. I can still have a good time but I keep my wits and my happy chemicals.

5. Stop watching the news.

It is going to be bad. Just tune in to the necessary information you need. Then watch something light and funny. If you would like to lay down and watch something, at the moment I am watching a funny French show on Netflix called ‘call my agent’.

6. Get grounded 

Get on the grass with bare feet once a day. This grounds you.

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