You’re Not Crazy, It’s Your Hormones! Menopause


You’re Not Crazy, It’s Your Hormones! Menopause

Effective Remedies for Symptoms of Menopause

For many years I have been caring for women going through peri-menopause and menopause, paying lip service to understanding their plight.
This year I started to go through the rite of passage that is menopause. Now, unless I take my herbs, I have to sleep with the air-con on with just a sheet whilst my husband sleeps with a wool doona and awakes with a croaky throat and God forbid he should try to cuddle or get close! I now truly understand the plight of my clients and understand the destabilisation potential of this life changing transition.
Anxiety, depression, frustration, confusion, aggressive outbursts, hot flushes, heavy painful periods, tiredness and insomnia are just some of the many issues we face as a result of menopause.
Many who face this time without the right support end up on anti depressants or hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Still many others with heavy and painful periods end up having a hysterectomy.
There is a better way!
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