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Once you have joined our community we would like to take care of you.

If you or your children become ill, you simply call and let us know that you are on your way down and one of our team will fit you in between consultations for a 5 minute check and natural medicine script.

Ideal if your child or you have a fever, gastro, respiratory infection or sore throat so that you and your family can return to normal life faster.

We will advise you whether your or your child’s illness is within the scope of a natural remedy and if not we will arrange the appropriate support.

Most early onset infections can be handled by natural medicine in this manner however this service does not replace a medical examination with a registered medical practitioner. It is a great service for easily treated conditions such as strep throat, flue or chesty coughs where antibiotics are to be avoided if possible.

Why Join our CommunityWhy Join?

Our NatMed Doctor Newsletter answers questions most of you ask us in consult, such as:

Our team of health professionals are constantly researching the latest and greatest in natural medicine so that we support you better. The NatMed Doctor is our way of communicating these findings.

For example, we only found out recently that taking folic acid rather than folate may be counterproductive. Read our MTHFR blog here.

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