Tessa Hillard

Food Coaching

Tessa is a Nutritionist and Health Coach with a Bachelor of Science from Curtin University in Nutrition. She is always looking to expand her knowledge and offer a complete holistic approach to treatment. To further this, she has completed her Diploma in Health coaching through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and is currently studying her Bachelor’s degree in Naturopathy at Endeavour College.

Having experience with disordered eating, eczema and various skin reactions throughout her life she discovered a passion for Nutrition, in particular helping people have a positive relationship with their body image and food. This translates to a love of reading and study on the topics of women’s health, nutrition and skin conditions. Tessa believes caring for your skin is an act of self-care and a way to make you feel confident in your own skin.

How does Tessa operate?

Tessa likes to work with people by meeting them at the stage they are at and building from there. She takes a sustainable long-term approach to treatment as she doesn’t believe in diets or quick fixes because of their fad like nature and the added stress it can place on the person. Whether that is through education, working to make tweaks to your current diet or giving practical tips and recipe ideas taking into consideration your person’s lifestyle and personal preferences.

Her aim is to always make you feel your best, not reach a number on the scales and encourage enjoyment in cooking and eating healthy food! Tessa likes to consider herself as empathetic & approachable for all she encounters, no matter your individual needs.

Interesting in working with Tessa?

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