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Kids Nutrition – Kid Food Ideas

A child’s health is naturally a major concern to all parents; it is our job to create a healthy atmosphere for our children to grow up as healthy, happy individuals. Proper nutrition plays a large part in creating healthy happy children.

Trying to entice our children with healthful food choices can be a tricky affair today due to likes/dislikes, food allergies, intolerances and nutritional deficiencies, add to this the bombardment of unhealthy foods that are available and the heavy marketing our children are surrounded by it can be a challenging task, but the old saying “we are what we eat” still rings true today and proof can be seen in a lot of Australian homes and families.

With good food ideas we can nourish our children now so they experience healthy childhoods, leading them into healthy adult lifestyles.

Breakfast Ideas

 Porridge with honey or maple syrup

 Fruit salad with yogurt & 2 tsp of LSA*

 Strawberry smoothie with flaxseed oil (1 tbs)

 Rice flakes with psyllium chopped banana & warm milk

 Carrot and apple juice, hard boiled egg.

 Boiled egg with whole wheat toast soldiers Yum!

 Whole wheat toast with avocado and Vegemite

 Stewed fruits

 Try using free range eggs and organic cereals and fruits when possible.

 Get the kids in the kitchen they love being hands on and are more likely to enjoy their food if they enjoyed preparing it.

Mid Morning/Afternoon

 Vegetable sticks with dip and crackers (Vege sticks ideas carrots, celery, beans, snow peas, broccoli and cauliflower florets, cucumber, capsicum etc)

 Hummus on rice crackers

 Rice crackers with peanut butter / ABC spread

 Cut up fruit or dried fruit trail mix

 Yogurt with LSA canned apricots

 Healthy baked slice with dates and whole meal flour

 Salmon or tuna on toast

 Salmon or tuna patties with salad or veggies

 Fried rice (using brown rice low salt tamari and veggies)

 ABC spread on whole meal roll

 Salad rolls or sandwiches with eggs, cheese, meats (ps: presentation is the key display brightly)

 Thick vegetable soups or chicken noodle soups with healthy breads

Dinner Ideas

 Minestrone soup with beans and pasta

 Spaghetti bolognaise with garlic and rice pasta

 Pumpkin soup with grated carrot and ginger Soy nuggets or fish with home made oven baked chips or wedges and salad Fish burgers using home made salmon patties

 Lasagne with lots of garlic, onions, spinach, mushrooms and rice pasta


 Apple crumble – (go light on the sugar ) with yoghurt

 Rice pudding with brown rice and apple juice concentrate instead of sugar

 Fruit salad or stewed fruit/yogurt

 Stewed fruit /LSA and yoghurt

 Chocolate dipped frozen bananas and strawberries

 Make homemade icy cream sticks in moulds using yoghurt and yummy fruits such as berries and passion fruit guaranteed the whole family will love

 Carob coated muesli slices

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