Immune Health

What to do if you get sick?

FREE drop in Clinic: As a patient of NatMed you get access to us for you or your immediate family in case of illness without an appointment. Visit the clinic or call us on (08) 9339 1999. We can then make a decision whether or not you can deal with your illness naturally or if not you will be referred directly to hospital or a general practitioner and fast tracked through.

NatMed Immune boost

Andrographis complex is an excellent immune boosting formula for the whole family. If you are feeling run down or have had lots of exposure to people who are ill and you want to take it as a preventative you can take a low to medium dose and if you suspect you are on the verge of illness you can take a medium to high dose to prevent full blown flue, cold or the like. If you are already ill you can also take it but it is much more effective if taken before your symptoms are really full blown.

No herbal remedy is going to make you bullet proof so remember if you are on the verge of illness to take the foot off the pedal and rest. If you are much stressed your body may very well still go ahead and get sick to make you get the rest you’re lacking! Dosage is varied depending on the level of risk or infection so I have included top end dosages so that if you are unsure you can follow the when in doubt throw everything at it principal.

On the verge of illness, really stressed or at risk due to exposure to illness

Suggestions to consider

Already ill?
Take Golden Seal.

In case of bacterial or viral infection Golden Seal is amazing. It is being used now in hospitals for golden Staph infection that does not respond to antibiotic therapy. Only to be used if infection has started. Not for long term use. Not for use in children under 6 without clinician supervision. Golden seal is not recommended for people with heart, liver, kidney disease or children suffering with metabolic disorders affecting the liver. In other words, you need to be reasonably healthy to use it especially at the higher end of the dosage range.

Cold and Flu

May be an indication of poor immune function.

  • Keep warm and rest.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, especially water and herbal teas.
  • Avoid raw and cold food. During colds and flu eat plenty of hot spicy soups with vegetables and chicken or fish.
  • No dairy, no grains, no coffee, no alcohol.
  • Supplements – vitamin C & zinc.

NatMed Immune Formula

This is a blend of lymphatic support, anti bacterial and immune boosting herbs. As a preventative: Take 5 ml twice daily If suspect you are run down or following exposure to relatives or work mates with flu. Once infection has started: take 5ml every 3 hours. If you have a sore throat, gargle in a little warm water before swallowing. This will kill the local streptococcal infection in the throat.

What Else Can I Do?

Eat plenty of garlic. If you do not like the taste bruise a peeled clove with the back of a spoon and cover in a cup of with honey. Eat the honey in the morning. Take up to 1 globe of garlic a day during chronic infection as an anti bacterial. Gargle with salt water for throat infections. During chills, take hot baths and drink hot water. Please don’t hesitate to call for additional support.

Gastric Infection/Tummy Bugs

Commence a food fast until symptoms pass. Drink plenty of fluids. Remain off your food until you have kept water down for at least 2 hours. Introduce food slowly with dry crackers. Continue to avoid dairy and fatty foods for several days after all symptoms have passed.
Supplements – take a probiotic for a month after illness. Acidophilus for gastro intestinal disturbances 1 teaspoon three times daily during infection / post infection half a teaspoon twice daily. You can buy this at any health food store while away. Keep acidophilus in the fridge. You can put a castor oil pack over the painful area this quickly releases the pain of distension. Golden seal can also be taken.

Castor Oil Treatment

Heat about 50ml of castor oil in a pan.
Soak a small flannel in the warm oil.
Place this over any area of pain. Leave for 20 minutes.
Do this up to twice daily.
This is great for period pains.

Prevention of Gastric Infection/Tummy Bugs whilst travelling

Spray Colloidal Silver before/ after eating and touching surfaces. Use face wipes for after toilet use instead of toilet paper to inhibit infection from the anal region; probiotics/ SB flora active or other temperature controlled probiotics – 1 twice per day. Goldenseal – 1 twice per day. 2 sprays of colloidal silver before and after eating.

Want more immune support?

Please call us on 9339 1999 – we are here to help!