Fertility Resources

Cycle Charting

Are you curious about your reproductive health and fertility? Charting your menstrual cycle at home is an invaluable tool that provides deep insights into your reproductive health and function.

Fertility Detox Diet

There is no better place to start the program than with a spring clean. A customised Fertility Detox Diet is recommended for all couples (yes, that includes you blokes!) 

This handout gives you the basis for your diet, but your practitioner may recommend further restrictions or additions, based on your unique needs. 

Low Tox Living

Low-tox living is a lifestyle movement that is gaining increasing popularity and your practitioner may have recommended that you adopt some of the lifestyle changes associated with it. This guide will provide you with a starting point for reducing common household toxins.

Semen Analysis

Optimising sperm quality is not only for the male’s general health even into the future but also the healthy conception and the future of the baby.

The DNA in sperm is vulnerable to conditions of ‘oxidative stress’. Under these conditions, the DNA can be damaged causing the DNA to fragment. Where there is a high degree of DNA fragmentation, there may be an increased risk of infertility, failed assisted reproduction e.g., IUI or IVF, and recurrent miscarriage.