Dr Brian Walker

Integrative GP

Dr Walker joins NatMed bringing skills from a diverse background. Most recently having worked in a busy regional center where he has had to apply his knowledge to a vast spectrum of cases.

Dr Walker provides consultation in the following areas: General medicine, integrated oncology, chronic health and bio-identical HRT.

Dr Walker was born in Malaysia to Scottish parents. At the age of 13 he knew he wanted to be a doctor, but by 15 he was bottom of my class in school in Australia because he spent all of my time on the beach as a surf lifesaver. Taken to Scotland at 16 rather than volunteer for Vietnam, he succeeded in entering medical school, and on qualifying left to settle in Germany.

The home of homeopathy taught him that modern medicine lacks in fairly basic concepts, such as caring about the cause of disease, and I grew into more heretical ideas for wellness, rather than naming a disease and prescribing a tablet.

While he is specialist GP, he thought about a career in cardiology, but his passion is for wellness. Physical, mental and social wellness is not enough though. It is true that most disease begins in the gut, and we can speak about environmental allergens, epigenetics and the politics of a polluted world. The human body is more than a 3-D collection of cells, but rather is a miraculous creation that, if you ascribe to quantum theories of existence, is the expression of an electromagnetic wave.

Dr Walker offers a private bulling service. Medicare rebates apply to most consultations.