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Gluten Free Manual

Say goodbye to headaches, bloating, abdominal pain, depression anaemia, dermatitis, numbness in limbs, fatigue, irritable bowel habits, joint and muscle pain, as well as that foggy mind!

Dairy Free Eating Guide

Many symptoms can arise from intolerance to eating dairy products. Some of these include; excess mucus production i.e. sinus congestion, abdominal bloating, flatulence, abdominal cramping, diarrhoea, eczema and even sleeping issues in children. Click below for a guide to dairy free alternatives.



Protein Chart

This chart provides helpful information that shows how much of various foods you need to be eating to get a serve of protein and is an invaluable tool when trying add more protein into your diet


Insulin Resistance Low GI Diet

Click below for a comprehensive list of foods to avoid and foods to enjoy on your insulin resistance, low GI diet.



Diverticulitis Anti-Microbial Diet

All the foods to enjoy…and those to avoid on your diverticulitis anti-microbial diet.



Sinusitis Diet

Are you experiencing ongoing sinus pain, a runny nose and headaches? Click below for a great list of foods to avoid and foods to enjoy on your sinusitis diet.


Auto Immune Paleo Diet

Click below for a list of ‘yes’ foods and ‘no’ foods for your auto immune paleo diet.


Candida Diet

Diet can be such an important factor in re-balancing your body and reducing candida symptoms. Click below for a list of foods to avoid and to enjoy on your candida diet.


Acne Diet

The link between Acne and your diet. Click below for a list of foods to avoid and to enjoy while warding off acne.



Rotation Diet

Take the Rotation Diet Challenge! Click below for details on how to find out what food groups could be giving you grief.


Acid/Alkaline Chart

This chart provides information that shows the contribution of various food substances to the acidifying of body fluids, and ultimately, to the urine, saliva, and blood.

We Suggest and Support Forest Grange

Forest Grange have produced one of the world’s finest meats. Grass fed and grazed on pesticide free pastures in the South West just outside Capel, where they bring to Australian tables the very finest tasting beef from their herd of British Whites.

The British White is one of the oldest British breeds. Originating in Lancashire, the original herd was dispersed in 1697. The breed was first imported to Australia in 1958. From the original cattle, a herd was developed to a high level but dispersed in June 1971.

In recent years selection has been directed towards a more beef producing type of beast while retaining all the important characteristics of the breed. White in colour with black points, British Whites are extremely docile, hardy and remarkably free from disease.

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