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What can our nurse practitioner help with?

  • Order pathology tests
  • Refer to specialists & imaging
  • Prescribe Medication
  • Men’s Health Checks
  • Women’s Health Checks
  • Child Health Checks

A Nurse Practitioner is a registered nurse educated and authorised to function autonomously and collaboratively in an advanced and extended clinical role. Alison can give you the same level of support as a General Practitioner but she will spend more time, take special care and work with your Naturopath in an integrated approach so that you get the best of both worlds of medicine. Alison is also able to do blood draws for pathology right on the spot which is so convenient for our clients. As a Nurse Practitioner she can refer you for further imaging or to see a specialist if required.

I love the fact that I can ask Alison to refer my breast cancer patient straight to see a surgeon, and that she was able to help me with a patient in pain who needed pharmaceutical help together with the natural medicines she was on. It’s so much more convenient for my patients to be able to come in and get their referrals and I’m looking forward to the future when Alison is able to offer general wellness checks such as pap smears. If you are due to see your doctor but would rather visit a caring practitioner who is interested in an integrated approach then I couldn’t recommend Alison highly enough.

Deborah Taylor

Clinic Director, NatMed

Our patients pay only $29.00 for an appointment with our nurse practitioner after Medicare rebates.

  • Need a quick health check for a simple ailment? Book a 15 Minute Consultation
  • Need a specific issue attended to? Book a 30 Minute Consultation
  • Need a comprehensive health assessment? Book a 45 Minute Consultation


Make An Appointment With Our Nurse Practitioner

Alison is a pain specialist practitioner. Medicare rebates apply to all consultations with Alison, meaning our patients save time and money.

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