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Magnagraph: An In-House Test Included In Initial Consultations

Using a standard pulse oximeter the same as we use in hospitals to monitor oxygen saturation we can get an immediate idea of how your vital systems are operating.

It will give us an accurate oxygen saturation which helps us to see if you might be suffering with anaemia, apnea, sinusitis or other problem that affects your oxygen levels.

As it is a non-invasive test we love using it to assess children’s health.

Assessing Energy Production with Pulse Oximetry

Low energy is a common problem and we like to fix it. Pulse oximetry gives us a quick in house test to assess your base line energy when you first come in. We then repeat the magnagraph every time you come to see how our script is performing for you & if we need to tweak it to improve results.

We will get an idea of ATP or energy production based upon the cardiac graph we see on the screen. ATP or adenosine tri phosphate is like currency in your body. This is the compound produced when your cells produce energy.

Pulse Oximetry
Your Practitioner will work with you to develop a dietary and lifestyle plan to improve your health.

Magnagraph pulse oximetry provides your practitioner with useful information to guide their choice of program to return you to wellness. It does not take the place of invaluable blood tests for pathology which we will refer you for. It does however give us a quick non invasive test we can do to assess how you are travelling.

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