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Looking for a Good Naturopath in Perth?

We’ve got you covered. Perth naturopath Deborah Taylor founded NatMed in 1999. Over time the business has grown to be one of the leading naturopathic practices in Australia and now boasts a team of ten dedicated practitioners across six modalities with over 100 years of combined experience.

Finding a good naturopath in Perth is all about getting the fit right with you. Please call us to book a free 5 minute phone consultation to discuss your health needs with one of our naturopaths.

NatMed: Find a Perth Naturopath who offers better testing, better team support & better research.

✔ A team of 10 allied health professionals across 8 disciplines with over 100 years of combined   experience which means you receive better support.

✔ The only Perth Naturopath clinic to offer comprehensive testing as standard for all consultations.

✔ Our Perth Naturopaths are leaders in research and new technologies. Have a look at their articles here.

Better Medicine

Pharmaceutical grade double blind, placebo trialled medicines are the standard at NatMed. We source supplements from across the globe to ensure we bring you the truly best available in Natural Medicine solutions. All our herbal medicines are chronographically tested for genus and our practitioners are thoroughly trained in all drug interactions to keep you both safe and healthy.

Better Testing

We are industry leaders in testing. In-depth, In-house testing is standard with all naturopathic consultations. General pathology testing can also be done through us for simple tests such as cholesterol. We use a number of tests to assess our starting point or baselines when we commence treatment. These may include in house tests which are included in your consultation as well as general pathology or more in depth functional tests such as amino acids profiles. These tests establish the baseline for your treatment and will be repeated to assess efficacy or effectiveness. In house tests are invaluable instant, consult to consult biofeedback that tells us we are on track to getting you results.


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