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Perth Natural Medicine Clinic – From the Founder

Hello. I founded NatMed in 1999 in order to deliver the community in Perth truly outstanding health care. It is my hope that our community will benefit from NatMed, Perth via the experience of truly integrated health care. After 17 years experience in our Perth community we have developed a network of health providers across a wide range of service areas from urologists and other specialists to general practitioners, acupuncturists, nutritionists and more, all located at NatMed, your local naturopath in Perth.

Better Medicine

Pharmaceutical grade double blind, placebo trialed medicines are the standard at NatMed, your Perth naturopath. We source supplements from across the globe to ensure we bring you the truly best available in Natural Medicine solutions at your local Naturopath in Perth. All our herbal medicines are chronographically tested for genus and our practitioners are thoroughly trained in all drug interactions to keep you both safe and healthy.

At NatMed, we believe in an integrated, best practice medicine model and advocate for the use of both natural and general medical practice approaches. We have strong alliances with general practitioners and specialist medical practitioners.

Better Testing

We are industry leaders in testing. In-depth, In-house testing is standard with all naturopathic consultations. General pathology testing can also be done through us for simple tests such as cholesterol. We use a number of tests to assess our starting point or baselines when we commence treatment. These may include in-house tests which are included in your consultation as well as general pathology or more in depth functional tests such as amino acids profiles. These tests establish the baseline for your treatment and will be repeated to assess efficacy or effectiveness. In-house tests are invaluable, instant, consult to consult biofeedback, that tells us we are on track to getting you results, and you can find a wide range at your fully equipped and experienced Naturopath in Perth.


NatMed Services


NatMed has a variety of essential services to contribute to your holistic health and well being

NatMed Testing


Testing at NatMed is comprehensive and professional.  We will get to the bottom of your issue!

NatMed Practitioners


NatMed can offer professional advice of the use of supplements and provide you with the best on the market.

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