Michele Grosvenor

Naturopath & GAPS Practitioner
Bachelor of Health Science – Naturopathy,
Certified GAPS™ Practitioner

As a Naturopath and Certified GAPS™ practitioner I have an integral knowledge of Gastrointestinal function and how it affects your health. Your gastrointestinal system enables the body to digest, assimilate and absorb nutrients from your diet. The beneficial bacteria contained within your digestive system act as ‘housekeepers’ to your digestive system. The integrity, function and defence mechanisms of your gut depend on their state of health. When the population of normal gut bacteria is out of balance from exposure to allergenic foods, viruses, bacteria, funguses, parasites and other toxins, digestive weakness can occur. Over time this can compromise the gastrointestinal lining integrity reducing its ability to digest foods properly.

I believe that most health problems can be related back to impaired digestive function. Commonly experienced symptoms such as bloating, flatulence, reflux, indigestion, heart burn, irritable bowel syndrome and food intolerances, are just some of the conditions that will benefit from my individualised treatment approach. Patients can also manifest conditions that appear unrelated to digestive function. Behavioral issues, learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorders, epilepsy, ADHD, depression and anxiety can often be linked back to poor gut health and difficult to treat without addressing this system. I have first-hand experience of this within my own family through the healing journey of my son, who was diagnosed with epilepsy in his early years.

I believe in working with my clients to empower them to implement everyday practices that improve their health and wellbeing. Through the use of specific dietary practices, fermented foods, detoxification methods, herbal and/or nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes I can target the functional integrity of your gut and promote optimal digestive function.

Speciality areas

  • Digestive complaints
  • General health and wellness protocols
  • Children’s health and Autism
  • Neurological conditions such as Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, ADHD and learning issues
  • Autoimmune conditions and chronic conditions that have failed to improve with other treatments
  • GAPS dietary protocol and Paleo practices