Dr Carrie Rigoni


Dr Carrie Rigoni has trained in Melbourne with some of Australia’s best chiropractors, and has finally returned to her hometown to share this new knowledge with Perth.

Carrie has spent her career pursuing two areas she is passionate about. The first was paediatrics, and choosing paediatric chiropractic study took her to Melbourne. The second area Carrie has a special interest in is chronic health management, in particular, people who have tried many avenues for health support but haven’t yet found someone who can help.

Dr Carrie’s style of chiropractic works in conjunction with the other services offered at NatMed. The practitioners collaborate on many cases to get patients the best outcomes.

What to expect in a chiropractic session with Dr Carrie

Well this is entirely dependent on your age, and what condition you are presenting with!

There are some things that are checked on every person who walks through the door, in particular, how stressed your nervous system is. Stress doesn’t just mean emotional or work stress. It refers to physical, biochemical, AND emotional stress.

The nervous system is great at adapting, meaning many people don’t realise just how stressed their system is until a complete assessment has been performed. Or until they’ve had a complete health collapse and begin seeking answers. The big thing about stress is that it impacts every bodily system. The immune system, the gut and digestion, quality of sleep, brain function, and more.

On top of a ‘stress assessment’, you will also have specific tests performed that are focused on your primary complaint, or your primary health goal. For example, babies receive a complete neurological examination to ensure they are developmentally where they are supposed to be. Children with learning difficulties will undergo some ‘games’ that actually assess which areas of their brain are struggling the most. Adults with complex health conditions will have a full and complete examination of all the areas related to their complaint.

What makes Carrie different from other chiropractors?

There are no cracks or pops. Babies, children, and people with chronic health conditions need gentle care. If you are hesitant to see a chiropractor because they crack spines, you can rest assured that Carrie won’t be doing that to your body (or your baby’s body).

Carrie focuses on YOUR health goals, and formulates a plan to get you there as quickly as possible (but also in a way that ensures it integrates into your brain and nervous system properly). This might mean you don’t notice changes overnight, but that your system is making steps towards neurological health, which overflows into bodily health.

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