Protein Chart

Good Quality Protein Sources

Proteins are the building blocks for virtually every kind of tissue and cell in your body, making it an incredibly important macronutrient in every person’s diet. All of our hormones and many of our neurotransmitters are made up of protein and protein derivatives. Our body uses amino acids (the building blocks of protein) to repair muscles, make hormones, neurotransmitters, and enzymes. In this way, eating enough dietary protein is vital to almost every aspect of human health. On top of this, it is also the most satiating of all the food groups, meaning that simply by increasing our protein consumption, we are better able to maintain healthy weight for life. To help you ensure that you are receiving adequate protein from quality sources, we have compiled a list of high-quality protein foods. 

For optimum functioning, you should consume 1g of protein per 1kg bodyweight per day. For example, a 65kg person should consume 65g protein per day. Be mindful that 50g of beans does not equal 50g of protein. See the table below for protein levels in different foods. For more guidance on ensuring adequate dietary protein consumption, book a consultation with one of our nutritional practitioners and receive a full dietary assessment.

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