Dr Louise Kingsford – Chiropractor

Dr Louise Kingsford – Chiropractor

Dr Louise has always wanted a career in healthcare, where she could combine her passion for natural alternatives and healthy living with service to people in her community. She graduated top of her class from Murdoch University in Perth, with a Bachelors in Health Science (Chiropractic) & Bachelors of Chiropractic with high distinction.  She received multiple awards for academic excellence, as well as being awarded the prestigious Murdoch University Medal. 

Louise has extensively studied multiple low-force techniques both in Australia and overseas, and has also undertaken post-graduate studies in clinical neuroscience and vestibular rehabilitation. For the past 3 years Louise had the opportunity to work as part of a complex neuro-rehabilitation team in Melbourne, where she also became a certified balance assessor with Vestibular Technologies. This further study has allowed her to better serve her patients with an integrated approach to achieving optimum wellness.

Why you should choose Louise at NatMed for your Chiropractor Services

Louise’s holistic approach honours the mind-body connection, understanding that our emotional health and our physical health are intertwined, and one is merely an expression of the other.  When our bodies are balanced, we can be free to pursue the things that are most important to us in life!

Louise has a special interest in chronic stress and its many effects on our nervous system, believing when we release old tension patterns from our bodies, we have an increased ability to integrate information from our environment, cope with the challenges of life more effectively, and can have a greater depth of experience with those around us.

Initial Consult 60 mins


Follow-up Consult 15-20 mins


Follow-up Consult 30 mins


HICAPS health fund rebates available.