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Vicki Casale

Counsellor & Kinesiologist
Vicki Casale

Diploma of Kinesiology

Vicki has always had a keen interest in natural health with a strong focus on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. After studying Natural Medicine in both England and Australia, Vicki realised part way into her study that mental health was of particular interest to her. This led her to complete an Advanced Diploma of Counselling and a Graduate Certificate in Artistic Therapies.

Vicki is passionate about improving the mental, emotional and physical health of her clients and works holistically with them to achieve this. Enabling them to feel a more complete sense of self and a general wellbeing, in order to face and deal with issues of everyday life. Vicki uses a number of modalities in her counselling, including Art Therapy, Sound, Gesture, Sandtray and Somatics to help the client move towards transformation and to create the life they desire.

Over the last five years Vicki has specialised in child, youth and adolescent counselling, teaching children the tools to express and transform negative emotions, reduce stress and diffuse any fight/flight and anxiety reactions they are experiencing. With a strong focus on empowerment and self-regulation, Vicki believes the ability to self-regulate is the key for children and adolescents to navigate through the ‘tricky’ years and succeed in all areas of their life.

After experiencing huge transformations in her own life through the practice of Kinesiology, Vicki was led to complete a Diploma of Kinesiology 2015. She uses it to work on unconscious blocks that her clients, of all ages, are experiencing and to more effectively release stress from the body and all body systems. With a combination of these techniques she has noticed huge shifts in her clients with much faster results.

Issues Kinesiology can assist with:
Anxiety and stress
Low energy levels, fatigue and feeling unwell
Self-esteem and confidence issues
Nutritional imbalances
Food sensitivities
Learning difficulties
Fears and Phobias
Physical pain
Feeling stuck
Sleeping issues

Issues Vicki works with through her counselling:
Anxiety and fear
Self-esteem and confidence issues
Anger issues
Grief and loss, sadness
Anger issues
Sleeping issues
Learning difficulties
Issues arising from marriage difficulties
Issues at school

Vicki also provides Art Therapy services

Art Therapy is used to express unexpressed emotion. Designed as a non-verbal too to facilitate the expression of self and transforming any emotion that is keeping the client ‘stuck’.
Vicki uses Art, in the form of water colour, oil pastels, sand play and clay, as both a diagnostic tool and a tool for healing.  Diagnostic to see what is going on for the client to be able to see how it is impacting their life and healing, to help them release and express what is stopping them from moving forward.
It provides children and adolescents a really safe way to explore their world. To express and transform negative emotions, reduce stress and diffuse anxiety. Art Therapy helps them feel empowered and gives them the ability to develop self-regulation and resiliency.

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