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NatMed Odourless Omega 3 Fish Oil

NatMed Odourless Omega 3 Fish Oil is derived from wild anchovy and sardine because small wild fish naturally contain lower levels of contaminants such as mercury than larger or farmed fish such as salmon.
Our Odourless Omega 3 fish oil leaves no fishy after taste.


All fish oils in Australia must be tested for heavy metals but the results vary dramatically.
NatMed Odourless Omega 3 fish oil meets the most stringent purity requirements for fish oils established by global organisations, including;

  • GOED Omega-3 (Global Organisation for EPA and DHA Omega-3)
  • EC (European Commission)
  • NFSA (Norwegian Food Safety Authority)
  • CRN (Council of Responsible Nutrition)


The freshest fish oil is characterised by minimal levels of oxidation. The key parameters that measure the oxidisation level of fish oil are Peroxide Value (PV) and p-Anisidine Value (p-AV). As shown in the graph below, NatMed fish oil is well below the British Pharmacopeia, European Pharmacopeia, and the Global Organisation for EPA and DHA Omega 3 limits for PV and p-AV. This ensures the best possible freshness.


NatMed Odourless Omega 3 fish oil is derived from small wild anchovy (95%-99%) and sardines (1%-5%) sourced from the Chilean sea under responsible catch policy. The anchovy in the Chilean seahas maintained its population for the past 50 years due to responsible catch policy. Wild fish are generally healthier and better for you than farmed fish.

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