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Alison Stockley

Nurse Practitioner
Alison Stockley

Registered Nurse, Royal Cornwall Hospital, Tor and South West Health College UK,
Bachelor of Nursing, CQU
Graduate Certificate Stomal Therapy, Wound, Continence Nursing
Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) Flinders University

Alison completed her Registered Nurse training in Cornwall, England with an interest in Dermatology and skin conditions. During that time, she was mentored by a consultant Dermatologist who gave her some advice which has stayed with her. His advice was “a wound or skin condition is often a presentation of something within or inside”.
Alison moved to Australia in 1998, and worked as a Registered Nurse in a variety of clinical settings whilst completing further studies. She has been lucky enough to participate in research trials related to factors that can influence wound healing, evaluation of wound management products and skin care products. Throughout her career she has been a lecturer, trainer and teacher for health care professionals and clients. With colleagues she has participated in developing guidelines to prevent trauma to the skin such as pressure injuries and skin tears.Alison developed an interest in promoting continence when working in clinics and aged care. Incontinence seemed to be something not talked about and the reasons for an incontinence problem not fully explored. A continence assessment can be the first move in providing answers to the problem and some control.
Becoming a Stomal Therapist was a privilege, to be able to participate and empower people whilst on their personal journey with an illness or problem and achieve their individual outcomes. Alison became acutely aware of the issues faced by individuals when provided with hurdles to cross and seeking information. She has experienced her own personal health journeys when she was confronted by the possibility of bad news or a health issue that has been difficult to resolve and the impact this can have on the person in many ways. From these experiences she has had questions and health issues for which she has sought answers from a variety of sources which has enabled her to resolve them.
Being a Nurse Practitioner allows her to assess, diagnose, request some pathology and other tests, refer to specialists, prescribe and write sick certificates.

If you are due to see your doctor but would rather visit a different type of practitioner who is interested in an integrated approach then I couldn’t recommend Alison highly enough.

Deborah Taylor

Clinic Director, NatMed

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