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Kate Ternahan

Nurse Practitioner
Kate Ternahan

Kate, our Nurse Practitioner joins us from Fiona Stanley Hospital where she specialised in pain management. Nurse Practitioners enable our community to receive some of the medical care they would usually see a doctor for with a nurse who has further degree training. A Nurse Practitioner can take blood tests, refer you for scans and do pap smears. Kate is a fantastic asset to NatMed and truly enables us to offer integrative medicine using a best of both worlds approach.

With Kate on board we can offer medical testing together with functional naturopathic testing which enables you to experience better results in quicker time frames. All consultations with Nurse Practitioner Kate attract a medicare rebate.

If you are due to see your doctor but would rather visit a different type of practitioner who is interested in an integrated approach then I couldn’t recommend Kate highly enough.

Deborah Taylor

Clinic Director, NatMed

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