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Beth Bundy

Naturopath | Functional Medicine Practitioner
Deborah Taylor

Bachelor Health Science, Naturopathy

Beth Bundy is our functional testing expert at NatMed. She brings nearly two decades of work experience as an educator in the area of functional testing to her clinical work enabling her to determine which test is going to best improve your health outcomes and speed up your recovery. Beth works as an educator at Nutripath, Australia’s premier provider of functional testing, and prior to this worked at Path Lab as a technical advisor to leading clinicians nation wide.

“I asked Beth to join the clinic because, after hiring her as my own Naturopath and spending countless hours on the phone with her discussing my patient cases, I quickly discerned the need for us to have a functional testing expert on the team. To my delight Beth agreed and is now available for telephone consultations for our existing patients who require advice on functional testing. She is available for new patients who may have complex or difficult to unravel cases where functional testing is indicated. Functional testing is any test that measures how a person’s physiology is functioning. Pathology tests are used by us also but these tests often measure how sick you are. Many of our patients come to us and may test ‘normal’ on a pathology test but will definitely not feel as though they are functioning well. This is where functional testing comes into its own and Beth’s advice and insight is invaluable to unwell people who may be having difficulty moving their health forward to the next level.” – Deborah Taylor, NatMed Principal and Clinical Director

Beth specialises in hormonal health including adrenal fatigue, PCOS, endometriosis, menopause and bio-identical HRT, along with ALCAT food sensitivity testing, and any area of health where functional biochemistry and testing can be useful.

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